Reincarnation of the Epic kind

Well what a year it’s been. As I blogged previously I had a dilemma about leaving my sole guild, pleased to say I made the change and joined a friends guild. My own guild made it to level 60 and I have toons in that guild should I want to move back.

So having changed guild I have better buffs. This has been a great help in levelling Radzax. I have been playing DDO as much as I can. Still addicted after 8 and a half years. Radzax has heroic completionist (life 22 now), 5 iconic past lives and in the next week or so he will ETR for the 12th time getting me Epic completionist.

I would like to say some of this was planned but my buddy Kyloor and I have basically just raced each other every life to the level cap. It may sound boring but it’s more about the banter and the end goal than the quests and I must admit zerging is now our norm.

I always run as a caster and bladeforged shiradi sorcerers are my favourite. To get my ETR completion I have had to try new things. I am currently a PDK Paladin with my Epic SOS finally getting some use. I have to admit its fun standing toe to toe with Velah and other end bosses.

So currently at level 21 and zooming in on that final ETR ( I say final but will probably go for triple completion over the next year). I promise to get some pictures for my next blog. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in game soon.



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