Epic reincarnation finally understood

Well if your reading this you likely play DDO and if not you should do.

I’ve been playing since April 2006 and would class myself as a novice still after all this time. The game keeps changing and I keep learning.

My caplet ironist (completionist) spellcheckers do make me laugh. Sorry getting sidetracked. My completionist Radzax has just ETR’d again. Previously I have ETR’d and then immediately HTR’d back to level 1. So I have only just realised a drawback with ETRing.

As a hoarder of loot I have found this a particularly hard lesson. When you ETR you don’t get the reincarnation bank. So having put all my btc items in my backpack before entering the grove I find myself with a full backpack at level 20 and no room for anything else.

If I now HTR I get an empty pack to start hoarding again. I also didn’t realise that as you keep all your completions and favour you don’t get the first time xp bonus when running quests. Going to take longer to get to 28 this life.

That said I am pleased I can keep improving my toon by earning epic past life feats.

So now I understand reincarnation completely. I have I E and H TR’d and it all makes sense. If you are not familiar with the process my advice is take your time and ask in game for help. Screw this up and you have to spend hours getting back to where you wanted to be.

Good luck TRing and may your d20’s always crit.

Thanks for reading.

Now back to Stormreach on Ghallanda.


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